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People are the most important aspect of our business

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​We’re here For You

Complementing our supply chain and warehouse divisions, every customer is given personal attention when it comes to customer service. Our customers receive what they want, when they want it at the price agreed upon when the order is placed. We honor every agreement and stand behind every container of high-quality products we sell.

Our customer service staff tracks the shipments, clears customs, coordinates delivery and follows up with customers from start to finish because you are working with a trusted company that stands behind our legacy.

The commitment of our Asia-wide Customer Service Representative (CSR) centers is to provide fast, efficient responses to the satisfaction of our customers. Our CSR teams are there to manage all warehouse and delivery details, so your goods are delivered in the best kept conditions according to industry standards and state requirements. Special accommodations can also be made based on customer requests e.g. special labelling before shipments are dispatched. Most of all, our teams are there when you need a helping hand on new regulations, issues with custom clearance or just someone to talk to when you’ve hit a road-block in your shipment needs.

Connell Brothers is known for helping our local customers reach untapped markets or find new revenue opportunities. Visit our Markets pages and contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your business.