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We understand the complexities of working in regulated industries, and we’re here to help our suppliers navigate through different jurisdictions throughout Asia.

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Let our expert teams identify better sourcing alternatives that will keep your business abreast of the fast-moving pharmaceutical industry.

The long history and good reputation of Connell Brothers in Asia makes us the leading choice for sales and marketing of specialty chemicals and ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.

The CBC pharmaceuticals business unit works side-by-side with leading manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of excipients and other specialty chemicals and ingredients to ensure a high quality and stable supply for our customers in Asia. Our regional and technical expertise have created mutually beneficial business relationships that have stood the test of time in the fast-changing pharmaceutical ingredient market because we treat every business like a partnership.

Decades of local experience navigating the pharmaceutical regulatory standards of countries across Asia and on-the-ground knowledge provides our global network of suppliers with quick access to a high-growth market. A small sample of our product range includes: organic and inorganic minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, bulking agent, nutritional supplements, flavors, solvents, binders, control release, coating systems, topical excipients, buffers and many more.

The business challenges our customers face are met with stringent understanding and in-depth knowledge of health and safety regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. Together with our local, regional and global network, our expert teams will identify business opportunities, better sourcing alternatives and enable you to continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Write to us at to discuss how we can enhance your business, or make contact directly with the Connell Brothers regional office in your location.