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Our values have been built from the ground up for over 100 years

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In everything we do, we create value. We focus our energy, knowledge and creativity to deliver on today's expectations while contributing to the future of our team members, customers, suppliers and communities.   


We are the trusted and preferred partner, bringing growth, ingenuity and experience to the market in order to create better life quality without compromising our core values.

We Operate With Strong Values

Connell Brothers has a reputation for maintaining long-standing customer relationships based on honoring our commitments, standing behind our recommendations and always providing professional services.

These values have helped the Company grow strong over the past century. Our employees do business responsibly and with an entrepreneurial spirit, set in a corporate culture that emphasizes local initiatives. These values have been the hallmarks of relationships both Wilbur-Ellis and Connell Brothers have built over decades of history. They reflect our values, also knwn as our IDEAS: Integrity, Diversity, Effort, Accountability and Service.

Core Values

We operate with strong values in everything we do. Our values are what we call our IDEAS:

Integrity – Conduct business with high ethical standards and be honest in all internal and external relationships

Diversity – Encourage diverse opinions, respect ideas from all stakeholders and cultivate a culture of mutual respect

Effort – Demonstrate personal commitment through effort and investment in your work

Accountability – Be responsible for your role and obligations in the organization

Service – Provide exceptional service and honor commitments to our business partners