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Working closely with multinational manufacturers, we were able to identify costly and technically challenging raw materials used in their production process.

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With over a century of global experience, Connell Brothers has become a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients for a diverse range of industrial purposes, and is well-known for quality and performance.

The Industrial business unit is home to experienced regional staff with detailed knowledge of industrial chemistry and raw materials. Connell Brothers is skilled in applying this knowledge to distribute specialty chemicals and ingredients to our local customers at exacting specifications. A small sample of these include raw materials for agricultural chemicals, pulp and paper, ceramics and battery manufacturing, among many others.

Connell Brothers sources specialty chemical and ingredients from manufacturers all over the world to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality and competitively priced products to suit the particular requirements of our customers in Asia-Pacific. The combination of our technical expertise and expert sales representatives allows us to recommend and match the offerings of global suppliers with the precise specialty chemicals and ingredients needed by our industrial customers in order to create mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships.

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