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 Enzyme Solutions


​Enzyme Solutions

A subsidiary of Connell Brothers since 2014, Enzyme Solutions was established in Melbourne in 1997 and specializes in distributing and formulating enzyme blends to a wide range of industries. 

We formulate and produce many enzyme-based products using the expertise we have gained over the years. Close collaboration with our customers helps achieve unique products and processes. Some of our locally produced products include Optivin®, Oleo Flo®, Fermassist®, Acidolact®, ProtiBond TG®, Sanizyme™, Solvabrew and OptiCarb.

Connell Bros Company Australasia Pty Ltd Enzyme Solutions Division is ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP certified. Please visit the links below to find out more about the industries we support:
   -- Baking
   -- Brewing
   -- Winemaking
   -- Cleaning
   -- Dairy
   -- Ethanol Production
   -- Fruit Juice
   -- Olive Oil Production 
   -- Grain Processing
   -- Nutraceutical
   -- Paper
   -- Protein Hydrolysis
   -- Specialty Enzymes
   -- Textiles
   -- Waste Treatment
The reputable success of the Enzyme Solutions business unit comes from offering first-class technical support, which involves helping customers with enzyme selection, trials and process optimization. Customer service is a high priority and all of our staff is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Get in touch today for more information on how we can make your processes and/or products better.  Challenge the CBC Enzyme Solutions team to make a difference for your business today.   

Write to us at to discuss how we can enhance your business, or make contact directly with the Connell Brothers regional office in your location.