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Morjon, a brand that Connell Brothers has held since the 1940s.

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​Consumer Products (HK)

For over a century, we have brought household brands to Asia that have integrated into the cultures of Asian communities.

Connell Brothers was one of the first trading companies to introduce some of today’s most renowned consumer brands into Asia such as Hershey’s, Lipton, Carnation and Morjon. Although the business focus shifted to specialty chemicals and ingredients in the 1980s, the distribution business of consumer commodities still thrives to this day.

Since the 1900s, our distribution network has consisted of household brands that have integrated into the cultures of Asian communities in many countries. In the early years, flour was a staple of the CBC trade, followed by the introduction of canned condense milk into China. At a time when refrigerated cargo was still decades away, Connell Brothers became the first company to export California fresh fruits to the Far East. As many milestones were achieved decade after decade, this earned Connell Brothers a reputation for quality, reliability and financial stability in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

Today, the CBC Consumer Products business unit operates only in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong, where strong footholds have been established for decades. Through this historical practice and strategic network, customers continue to benefit from our growing global supplier chain and portfolio of quality consumer products. Our extensive experience in marketing, sales and distribution, as well as our deep connection with local retailers, make us the natural choice for sourcing and supplying consumer products from around the world.

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