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We represent well-known suppliers in the construction industry and we work closely with them to help our customers through the challenges they face in their building and construction needs.

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Our global supplier network and large customer base in Asia solidifies the long-lasting business relationships we have built on the foundation of quality and experience.

Supported by our large footprint across Asia-Pacific, Connell Brothers is the ideal distribution partner for your construction business because you can depend on our teams every step of the way. We build relationships that lasts.

The Construction business unit at Connell Brothers has a strict regimen of keeping pace with training our staff on the industry’s most stringent regulations and quality standards. Our well-trained staff adopt a team-orientated approach to share their extensive knowledge within the CBC network and works together with our supply-chain division to provide the highest quality of specialty chemicals and raw materials for our customers’ construction and building needs. Our teams regularly attend local and regional trade exhibitions as part of our continuous networking and marketing efforts.

We source from suppliers worldwide and a small sample of our product range includes: waterproofing, water repellants, industrial flooring, ceramics (e.g. resins), glass enamel, as well as specialty chemicals used in roofing tiles and planters, amongst many other ingredients in our portfolio.

Connell Brothers takes pride in serving both a large customer base throughout the Asia-Pacific region and maintaining a global supplier network. Working every possible angle for your business, we can provide the technical expertise, facilities and qualified sales representatives to recommend and supply the precise specialty chemicals and materials necessary for almost any construction or building application. To benefit from both our regional and local expertise, please contact our regional marketing team and key business unit managers to find out how we can support your company’s project goals and performance.

 Write to us at to discuss how we can enhance your business, or make contact directly with the Connell Brothers regional office in your location.