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We serve the Livestock, Pet and Aquaculture Industries in North America and Asia-Pacific with value-added ingredients.

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​Feed Asia

Established in 2010, Feed Asia is the name of the Wilbur-Ellis business unit dedicated to distributing quality specialty ingredients for the pet food, livestock, and aquaculture industries. This venture integrates the extensive feed expertise of the company’s Feed division with the century of local experience and infrastructure across Asia from its Connell Brothers division.

The Feed Asia business unit benefits from the in-house expertise of the Feed Asia Management Committee. Wilbur-Ellis’ experienced staff includes experts in the areas of marketing, forage, animal nutrition, regulatory requirements, and distribution. Beyond our regional locations across Asia, we have facilities in proximity to the Houston, Texas harbor for easy access to all cargo transport, in addition to many other locations throughout North America.

Wilbur-Ellis possesses the tools to present customers with smart, innovative solutions and value-added ingredients for livestock forage and nutrition, pet food, and aquaculture feed. Our growing global supplier network benefits from our large, established customer base throughout Asia Pacific as well as our technical expertise, facilities, and qualified sales representatives.

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